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Information Technology Support

Nicholls Data Recovery provides various aspects of information technology support to individual and small law offices for office computer systems, notebook/laptop systems, and court room presentation support.

Individual and small law office support includes computer setup problem resolution (such as restoring a system after a virus attack), network setup, data encryption, system backup and disaster recovery planning.   Computer backup and encryption planning is as important as ever for today's legal professionals.   This is because just about everything is done via computers including editing legal documents and briefs and email messages.  A virus, office theft, fire (just to name a few) are events that can destroy years of information and completed work.   Most individual and small group practices do not take the time to deal with their computer systems risk until there is a problem.  Free IT consultations are available to provide an analysis of the risks to your computer systems and what it will take to mitigate those risks.

Court room presentation support includes evidence preparation(e.g. video/audio processing/editing) and presentation equipment delivered and set up in the court room.  This includes video projectors, laptop computers to drive the projectors and audio systems.  The function of the presentation support is to insure the judge and jury has clear video and audio for the presentation of the evidence.

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