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Hard Drive Recovery

All computer hard disks will eventually fail.  After all, they contain very small parts that are moving at very high speeds and all that movement wears them out.  Heat will cause a hard drive's wear to accelerate dramatically as well as damage the electronic components of the hard drive.   External "USB" (Universal Serial Bus) and "Firewire" hard drives tend to fail sooner than internal hard drives due to excessive heat buildup in their small external enclosures.

In most Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) situations, there is not a systematic backup plan in place and when a hard drive fails, panic sets in.  In many of these cases, the data is recoverable from the failed hard drives.  Nicholls Data Recovery provides these recovery services and is CDRP (Certified Data Recovery Professional) by the IACRB (Information Assurance Certification Review Board).

Underlying failures of a hard disk drive is categorized in the following list.   The higher the number in the list (e.g. 9), the higher the severity of the issue and the lower the chances are of recovering all the data.

The following list ranks the severity from lowest to highest.
  1. Seagate SATA "BusyState" lock out
  2. Corrupted File System
  3. Accidentally Reformatting the Disk Drive
  4. Damage to the external Logic Board
  5. Internal Printed Circuit Board Failure
  6. Internal Pre-amplifier failure
  7. Voice coil/Actuator Failure
  8. Disk Head Failure/Damage
  9. Disk Surface Damage

Nicholls Data Recovery hard drive data recovery services covers categories 1 through 9 listed above.  Categories 4 through 9 require obtaining drive parts that identically match the model and batch number of the failed disk drive.  Data Recovery in these situations may be hampered depending on the availability of these parts.  Categories 4 through 9 also require the recovered data to be copied to a new disk drive.  In these cases, the new disk drive with the recovered data on it is returned to the customer (the failed disk drive is only returned to the customer upon request).

An estimate is always given for recovery services before any billable work is performed.   In some recovery situations a triage of the disk drive may be needed before an estimate can be given.  There is no charge for this triage.  There is also no charge for disk recovery services if no data is recovered.

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