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Cell Phone Forensics

Cell phone forensics is similar to computer digital forensics in that it is the science of obtaining and explaining information found in and related to mobile and handheld digital devices.  Cell phone forensics however goes beyond the information stored in the device itself to include location information and cell tower and service provider detailed record information.  Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Global Positioning Systems (GPSs) are all included when discussing cell phone forensics.  With today's smart phones, the distinction between cell phone, PDA and GPS had become blurred and these devices must be forensically examined as all three.

The forensic examination of cell phones is challenging on two fronts.  The first, because of the wide wireless connectivity these devices offer, if these mobile devices are not handled properly, it is possible for valuable evidence to easily be erased by outside individuals or by accident by an untrained examiner.  Also because of the different technologies involved by the different service providers (e.g. AT&T GSM vs. Verizon CDMA) different processes are needed to make sure all the information is recovered from the device.   Nicholls Data Recovery has been formally trained and tested by Paraben Corporation, the leading hand held device forensic tools provider.

The second examination challenge is that there seems to be just as many different types of cell phones available as there are different kinds of people to buy them.  Thus it is important for the cell phone examiner to have a wide variety of equipment available to match the phones to be examined.   Nicholls Data Recovery maintains subscriptions with tools providers such as Paraben to make sure the hardware and software tools are current and compatible with today's phone models.

As with computer forensics, the first consultation on forensic cases or forensic tasks is always free of charge.

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